Unlimited blissful loving being is all there is, always available, shining all the time, both in stillness and in all daily activities. Being as silence and being as moving; and when it moves, we call it life. Only being is, and the true nature of being is love.
Liberation is already here
Individual sessions, satsangs and retreat courses
Guidance tools are offered by Christer all over the world and online
to help you discover your truth and live it permanently in your daily life
All activities are free of charge
Non-doing Meditation is not an exercise. It comes from your natural longing for freedom which already resides within you. This longing gives you a signal to meditate, and if you follow it, it opens you up spontaneously, and you become available for the truth to be seen. You can do it whenever it is convinient - at home or outside, for shorter or longer time, with closed or open eyes. Gradually the truth starts to be seen in more and more of its aspects.
Non-doing Meditation is learned in an individual session
Activation of Enlightenment is Christer's unique tool to enliven your freedom state which is already residing inside you and trying to break through at every moment.
Activation is given by Christer individually to each person in sessions, groups and courses. It is done by his presence, by his look or phisical touch, and by his seeing that you are already unlimited pure love, always at peace whatever happens, enjoying life.
Every group session includes guided Non-doing Meditation and Enlightenment Activation for each participant in the group, followed by an open talk (satsang) with answering questions.
Free admition, no registration needed, no teaching needs to be adopted.
Live sessions are in accordance with Christer's travelling schedule.
Online group sessions are offered daily in Zoom
To help you discover that you are already free we focus on individual guidance. You are all unique, and everyone needs individual instructions. You can apply for a session if you need more understanding about freedom state; if you have questions about Non-doing Meditation; if you need tools to handle destructive emotions, body tensions, negative thoughts, protests against what is, worry about the future, or obsessive ideas like “I have to”.
You may also come if you want to get an Enlightenment Activation.
Our monthly retreat courses are also based on individual sessions
10-days Enlightenment Course is the main tool to see your awaikened state and to mantain it in daily life. Aim of the course is to stabilise yourself in daily enlightened state (not only at the course). First 5 retreat days are held in complete silence. Nest 5 days are to question your believes about yourself. Only 8 participants in a group (Christer works individualy with each one). Courses are offered once a month, only live, not online. You can get the best result of it if you start your individual work with Christer already before the course.
At our YouTube channel you can find records of online groups covering all kinds of subjects with focus on removing misunderstandings about enlightenment. Some videos are translated into Russian, Lithuanian and Turkish languages. Every session begins with meditation and activation for 30-40 minutes, followes by a talk and answering questions. Guidance for Non-doing Meditation is also available as a separate video, translated into 10 languages
Your unique tools to be used in daily life are created individually for you in a session. Every time when you do not feel good in your daily situations it is a signal that something has been misunderstood by you about life.
We use such an opportunity to see more aspects of the truth by using tools to cope with actual situations and to discharge the power of negative believes. After removing all misunderstandings, oneness and infinite total love are seen easily
After you start your individual work with Christer he becomes available for you to help you cope with traps while discovering the truth about your life. Questions are answered in different ways: in the group and individual sessions, online or live, in the group chats on WhatsApp and Telegram, as well as directly on his personal WhatsApp or e-mail. For organizational isues please contact Christer's assistants in different countries all over the world
Story of Christer's enlightenment:
All sessions and courses are held by Christer
in English with translation to other languages
Updated information is posted in our WhatsApp group. Link to join the group:
Book a session: +66622188202 (WhatsApp)
Admin: +79645342592 (WhatsApp, Telegram)
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